Pretty Mayflower Needs A Home

She got a 1 on the temperament scale aka bombproof.

We love visiting and looking through the rescue horses in the AIM Equine Network’s A Home for Every Horse Program! And we recently discovered their “compare” button, which brings up a photo with important comparisons for each horse, so you can look at more than one at once. We found comparing three at a time works great. You’ll see location, cost, height, sex, name and more. 

A lovely Morgan-QH cross mare available for adoption.

Photos with horses being ridden usually catch our eye, because it says a lot, so we compared three rescue horses.

Mayflower came out on top for us because we love Morgan/Quarter Horse crosses, she’s bombproof (remember, “bombproof” is a term, not a guarantee) and simply beautiful.

She’s quiet, not spooky and an easy keeper (in fact, she needs almost no grain). However, the rescue farm says she’d do best with an experienced rider who wants a quite mount. She does need front shoes.

Her age is a little drawback, at 23 she’s not young, but horses are doing much better much longer thanks to our improved horsemanship and neat little tricks like glucosamine. She’s $500 and located in North Carolina.

But don’t stop there. If you have room in your barn, budget and heart, you know what you should do . . . 

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