Breaking News: Merial Purchases Legend and Marquis from Bayer

Merial announced today that it has acquired Legend and Marquis from Bayer HealthCare. Currently both products are primarily available in the United States and Canada, but Merial plans to broaden their availability worldwide.

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Legend, of course, is the injectable joint product. Marquis is a n antiprotozoal paste that is FDA-approved for equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), a disease that affects the central nervous system in horses.

The purchase is expected to finalize in 2015, adding to Merial’s equine healthcare portfolio, which includes UlcerGard, GastroGard, Zimecterin, Equioxx, Eqvalen, Imrab, the RecombiTEK vaccines and the updated Proteqflu vaccine for equine influenza. 

Merial is owned by Sanofi, who is headquartered in Paris.

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