Ask Horse Journal: January Letters

After reading your October article on leather cleaners, I wanted to share this suggestion: While living in Louisville, Ky., I discovered a great way to keep tack fresh and mold-free while stored. After a thorough cleaning and oiling, I put several oversized bridles and a breastplate away in an old picnic cooler, which was then stored in the hay loft.

Several years later, when I needed to use the oversized equipment again, everything came out of that cooler looking exactly as it did when I put it in. Apparently, the cooler was a ?closed? environment? and mouse-proof to boot.

-Sheila Stricker

Worth Saving Back Issues

I love Horse Journal.? I save every copy in a large basket.? When I have a question or concern?about my horses I go back through the journals to find the one that helps me out, and I always find an answer/advice.? I’ve lent journals to friends for all sorts of horsey information.? Usually they decide to subscribe, so they get their own.? I keep copies on my nightstand and coffee tables.? You are everywhere!? Thank you for your help over the years with my beloved horses.

-Debbie Gebauer

Hoof Boot Measuring

A suggestion to add to the November article on hoof boots:? To get the right size boot, I make a cardboard cutout of both front feet.? After the horse’s feet are trimmed, I stand the front hooves on cardboard and trace an outline of each with a marker.? it’s easy to measure an accurate size from the tracing. If the hooves are different sizes, it shows up here. I cut out the tracings and take them to the tack store to use to check the boot sizing.

-Shelley Scott