Muzzle Escape Artist

I enjoyed the February grazing muzzles article. When I muzzled my Icelandic, I didn’t think the Greenguard substantially reduced the amount of grass he ate, so I replaced it with the Best Friend Deluxe. He had that off in less than an hour. Their regular model took longer, as he had to un-do the Velcro (I then used duct tape). Once he ”channeled” Houdini, I had to move him to a dry lot.

Margaret Sharon,
New Jersey

Turnout Blankets

The Brookside medium-weight turnout blankets you suggested (September 2008) have held up better and stayed put better than any blanket I’ve had in the last 10 years. It’s a great blanket for the price.

I was chatting with a lady at the local saddle shop about how I try to never buy anything new without consulting Horse Journal. She had been deciding on a ”headset” rider-instructor communication device and saw that you recommended the one she was considering (November 2009). She was also enthused.

Keep up the good work. Many of us depend on you to give us an honest, trustworthy evaluation of horse products. It’s like having a good friend who is super-knowledgeable about everything ”horseworthy.”

Candy Odiorne,

Good Tone and Scope

Your evaluations in February were enlightening and realistic, your tone was sympathetic toward the horse, and the scope of products thorough. I also enjoyed the behavioral and equitation sections.

You also might like to know that, and perhaps a generational identifier, I am happier to receive your publication printed than online (despite the dead trees) since it can then be kept in the barn.

Doug Ramsay,


The HOOFix Kit that was in your February abscesses article was not what we currently offer. Over the last year, we’ve changed packaging and upgraded our boot. We include three heavy-duty barrier bags (not used for soaking), 3 Epsom Salt Poultice Paks, and the HOOFix Emergency Boot, which is the same as our Trail Boot. It has a nylon upper, with four layers of specialized fabric in the sole of the boot, including a fabric that incorporates ground tires for abrasion resistance and helps prevent slipping.

JoAnne Nightengale,
PlumShade Farm

Editor’s Note: Our field trials tend to run over long periods of time. The results reflect the kit we used during that time period.

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