News Bites 6-1-2012: Happy Mouth Bit Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)?released a notice on 5-31-2012 that Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits are being recalled by English Riding Supply.

About 3400 of the bits were sold between July 2003 and April 2012 for $30 to $51.

The problem is that the steel braided wire in the mouthpiece can become frayed, worn or rusted, which can cause the bit to break. There have been four reports of injuries due to the bit breaking.

Eight models are being recalled: 462172SS, 462177SS, 462181SS, 462184SS, 464123SS, 466898SS, 466904SS, 467248SS. The bits are labeled “Happy Mouth,” but to know for sure which model you have you would need to original label.

Bits should be returend to your retailer or English Riding Supply. You can contact them at 866-569-1600 or through email at [email protected]. The website is Photos of the bits can be found at the CPSC website.

We applaud English Riding Supply for reacting so quickly and thoroughly.