October 2012 Horse Journal

Our October 2012 issue is making its way to your mailbox! Paper or digital, this issue?brings you?strong consumer health-care advice and fun things to do with your horse. We’re also available in?a digital format! ?Visit our digital store.

Massage Your Horse: You can give your horse a wonderful feel-good massage with just the curry in your box.? Learn how!

Equine Health?Insurance: Veterinary technology is growing by leaps and bounds, all of which can keep your horse healthier longer and all of which?costs big bucks. The right major medical policy can ensure your horse always gets exactly the therapy he needs. (And it costs about the same as one weekend show.)

Editorial: If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, be sure the sources you’re tapping for advice are good.

Media Critique: Beyond Horse Massage by Jim Masterson.

Safety Thought: Negotiating a steep slope.

Pigeon Fever: It’s not just a California problem anymore and, yes, you can blame the widespread drought.

Veterinary Viewpoint: Whyyour veterinarian wants you to be sure to read the story on major medical insurance.

Commentary: John Strassburger explains why you need to find the time to do more than ride.

And More . . . Yokes for riding . . . Too much salt? . . .?Walking your horse under saddle . . . West Nile Virus history . . .? Ask Horse Journal and Letters.

Coming in November:?Synthetic dressage saddles: Wintec vs. Tekna vs. Thorogood.?Big-gun massage tools you can use.?Hock therapy and diagnosis. Moody mare issues. tying your horse properly. And much more!

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