Olympic Coverage – The Horse Journal Way!

We’re thrilled to tell you that Margaret Freeman, our Associate Editor and the sole Olympic equestrian events reporter for the Associated Press, will be posting daily blogs from London, right here on?www.horse-journal.com! The Olympics run July 27 through August 12 in London.

You’ll be able to?get?news about the actual?competition virtually everywhere,?including Margaret’s excellent news reports in?newspapers printing the AP stories, but you won’t get?the inside perspective from an S-level dressage judge with decades of expertise in all three disciplines.

Margaret has covered the equestrian Olympics for the AP?in years past, and during those trips, she sent daily e-mails to family and friends about the Olympics, with fun stories about the horses and riders,?happenings around the Olympic village, and her adventures about town.? The e-mails were wonderfully written, filled with color, passion and humor.

So, while you watch the event coverage, be sure to set aside time to?enjoy the tourist side of the Olympics, too, as Margaret shares her adventures on and off the Olympic venues.??You’ll find yourself?watching closely for the next installment!

For television coverage of the competition,?go to the NBC Olympic website to mark your calendar, so you won’t miss?the television coverage ?of the equestrian events.

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