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You’ll immediately notice that we’re pretty high on liability insurance this ?month. ?Many of us believe that our homeowner’s insurance would cover us if a horse got out and someone was injured or worse or if property was damaged. ?But this very well may not be the case and the time to find out is now, not after an accident. (We learned that those waivers of liability and signs in the barn aren’t bullet-proof either.

Dr. Grant Miller discusses hock pain, which he tells us is prevalent in most working horses, like yours and mine. ?He gives you a list of symptoms and explanations for what they may mean, remedies, medicines and therapies, all geared to help your horse lead a long, active athletic life.

Our product article this month focuses on massage machine. Not the curry we discussed in October and not the hand-held tools. We’re talking about the $495 Equilibrium Massage Pad, the $150 Equlibrium Massage Mit, and the $349 Equisports Massager. These products can truly make a difference in your horses, and Performance Editor John Strassburger discusses which device is best for which body region and the pros and cons of each of them. ?Chances are, you’ll want to put one of them on your Christmas Wish List.

Readers have told us they need help with cranky mares, so we set Dr. Deb Eldredge to the task. ?Never one to beat around the bush, Dr. Eldredge talks about drugs that work, supplements that don’t and how to recognize your mare’s individual problem.

We also talk about the book “The Barefoot Horse,” winter neck covers and more. Dig in and let us know what you liked and didn’t like!

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