Recommended Product Changes You Should Know

Fortunately, we're assured there will be no formula changes.

Bute-Less: Back to the original name with a new label.

B-L Solution, formerly an Equine America product purchase by Absorbine some time ago, has gone back to its original name: Bute-Less. It also now sports the familiar Absorbine label. But, that’s all that’s changed. It’s the same formula, still available as a pellet, paste or liquid. This product has consistently performed well in our trials with herbal anti-inflammatories. Its liquid formula has earned Best Buy in our trials. You can see it at the Absorbine Bute-Less website.

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Zephyr’s Garden manufacturers a number of herbal products, including Healing Salve 1, a Horse Journal-recommended product for skin problems, like itching and mild infections, and for cracked heals. We recently received notice that the company is now under the Uckele Health umbrella at Zephyr’s Garden website. There is no plan to change the Zephyr’s Garden products.

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