Protective, Versatile FUTI Boot Covers

One of our testers has a pair that she uses year-round in the barn and switches to her briefcase as a rain cover for low-heeled dress shoes. Even though FUTIs have open heels, they have a tight seal and will stay put even in hock-sucking mud. You can easily slip spurs over them and also half chaps if used with paddock boots.

The FUTIs have flexible nylon uppers and ribbed rubber soles. They’re essentially booties, so when you take them off you can fold them up for storage. They come with a strong zippered nylon pouch, and even if they’re crusted with wet mud you can stuff them in the pouch and keep your tack bag or pockets dry and clean. Our tester has found them to be both versatile and practically indestructible but easy to misplace since they come only in black and tuck away into such a tight package.

The booties are machine washable. You can also just rinse them under the tap. They dry overnight. There are four sizes that correspond closely to regular shoe sizes. If between sizes, go down so you get a tight seal. They will work only with boots that have thin soles, like regular riding boots, not hiking-type boots.

FUTIs are carried by several equine catalogs and can found in most tack shops and also often in garden shops for around $25.

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