Recycling Supplies For The Barn

From hoof picks to trailers, we work to arm you with information that gets you the highest quality and durability for your dollar. We’ll tell you when it makes more sense to purchase an item that costs 25% more than its competitors but we know that it will because last twice as long or do the job that much better for you. We’ll also let you know when a too-good-to-be-true bargain price really is too good to be true or when to simply pass on a particular product.

Beyond that, we also try to share as many inexpensive supply tips as we can. Just a handful include if them include:

• Baking soda as nontoxic, easily rinsed, residue-free scouring agents for bits and buckets. Buy it at a warehouse club, if you can, for the best bulk price.

• Reuse Dawn detergent bottles as handy dispensers for liquids of all types. Note: Dawn is a specific brand recommendation here, as it easily rinses clean without residue.

• Use Dawn detergent to clean brushes and nylon halters. Its grease-lifting power works well to lift off that thick, slimy filth. Use a hard brush to remove the tougher deposits.

• Nylon mesh pot scrubber for removing dried poultice.

• Recycle deworming syringes for dosing medications and supplements.

• Add a light coat of cooking spray for sticky plungers on dose syringes.

• Use a light coat of cooking spray to get powdered supplements to stick.

• Get a coffee grinder for instantly pulverizing hard pill medications.

Most people already use their bath towels that have seen better days for barn towels. You can also use the lining from outgrown/worn-out winter coats and jackets to make fleece coverings.

The elastic ends of old socks, or tubes cut from old panty hose, are great for holding dressings and medications in place over the lower legs, and the sock ends can hold treatments on the sole. A hole or two won’t matter.

And, of course, don’t forget to hunt around at auctions, house sales and used-furniture sales for wooden trunks. You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is to refinish the trunk and use it for tack.

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