Should We Report Bad News?

Horse Journal is a part of the social media wave. You have to be, actually, as it’s the best form of promotion. It’s been good for us, and we’ve found lots of fun things to share with people. 

Credit: marie_penny_photo

We try very hard to only tell you fun stuff on these spots. Things like the Budweiser commercials and the oddly fun Mountain Dew commercial.

We love to share pretty photos and “posters” of people and gorgeous horses and videos of funny horse happenings. They’re meant to be shared. And, well, here’s nothing we love more than anything horses. 

If you go to you’ll see what we mean. (Yes, you have to join Facebook, but you can get away with a very vague profile. I’ve also enjoyed catching up with old friends and hearing what they’re up to.)

But we also sometimes learn things we believe horse people should know, and they’re not always pleasant. My question is, should we ignore these events or step right up and make people aware?

I heard two things yesterday:

1) I read that the Sochi Olympics preparation is going to include killing a large number of stray dogs so they don’t bother the athletes during the event. Note I said “killing” not “rounding up.” I found that horrifying; why can’t they be caught? Click here to read more:

2) I also stumbled upon a story about horses being brutalized by dogs for sport. In California! It was horrifying, and it needs to be stopped. I’ve known a horse who was brutally abused, and I don’t ever want it to happen again. So, am I sensitive about this topic? Yes! Horses trust us, and we must respect that. You can click here to view the story, but it’s very graphic. The horse in the photos is going to be fine, if that helps.

One Facebook poster, Danielle Ruysschaert, took the time to find the link to the town official’s office and posted it, asking each of us to please send an email requesting they investigate this horrible thing and nip it in the bud. Go to to find the email addresses and send a short request. I have done exactly that, but there is power in the masses.

On 2-6-14, we received this reply from the mayor of Jurupa Valley:

Ms. Foley I appreciate your email. I contacted our police chief last night along with our director of animal services. They are on top of this and following up on any and all leads I assure you. Both your Facebook post and the story on Horse and Man have been forwarded to them.

Frank Johnston
Mayor, City of Jurupa Valley
[email protected]

And where animals and children are concerned, we all have to do everything in our power to firmly, peacefully insist that the police and other law-enforcement officials are given the support they need to stop these horrendous activities.

So, don’t look at the photos, if you don’t want to. But be aware. And make it clear to anyone who will listen that animal abuse must be stopped.