Get Rid of Puddles

I don’t think there’s a messier time of year than spring. Melting snow and mud. Yuck.

We were hammered with snow a few days ago, and yesterday the temperatures were near 50 degrees. Everything was wet, soggy and flooded.

When I put the horses in, I noticed that the doorways had three inches of standing water right in the door track. What a mess. Flooding snow, pooling right where the doors shut.

Spring is fun because days are warm and nights are sometimes very cold. Below freezing every night this week, which means that standing water will form an ice barrier all around the bottom of the door. Those doors will be frozen stuck! I had to do some water work and get the water to drain away from the doors.

I called my husband and said I’d be at the barn longer than I thought, explaining the situation. “That’s no problem,” he said. “Just put some snow in the water, then shovel it out.”

“What? Add snow to the mess?” I thought he’d lost his mind. “Why would I do that?”

“The snow will soak up the water, then you can shovel it all out. It’s already getting cold, so you won’t have anymore melting till tomorrow afternoon.”

So I grabbed a shovel, threw It worked like a charm and I was done in five minutes. I repeated the whole thing tonight, too. No frozen-stuck doors.

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