Riding During Hunting Season

Although it’s not official until September 23, it sure is fall weather here. it’s my favorite season, except when I think about the horseback riding during the upcoming hunting season. I’m not really anti-hunting, as I understand that deer don’t have many real predators anymore and it becomes very difficult for the large number of them trying to survive in our over-populated, over-developed area.? I also know most hunters use the meat, and possibly even more, from what they kill. How they do it, I’ll never know. I still cry when they stop drawing Bambi?s mother. I also worry terribly about our resident deer, Molly. She was born on the property and has remained here ever since. SHe’s very recognizable as sHe’s such a tiny deer.? This year she had her first fawns, and my husband caught a photo of her and the babies outside our paddock the other evening. Much to our amusement, a fourth deer, also a fawn, joined in the fun. This baby has visited inside the paddock nearly all summer, frequently grazing with the horses and licking the salt block. there’s nothing I can do to protect these gentle creatures, except pray that most hunters avoid our area due to the heavy population. Still, I also worry about the horses, as our field is surrounded by woods (mostly that is, as there’s a huge new development on the other side of the woods that should slow things down). We put brightly colored halters and masks on the horses during turnout. In Horse Journal?s October issue (www.horse-journal.com), we?ve included information about a number of companies that make some great blaze orange and/or reflective gear for horse and rider.? If you’re planning to trail ride during hunting season, this might be something to make room for in your budget. Both you AND the horse need to be protected! And make noise when you’re out on the trail–whether you talk, put bells on your horse or sing. In fact, if you sing badly, sing even louder! Maybe the hunters will move on to quieter areas more quickly. Stay safe! On another note, have you seen the trailer for War Horse’ It’s going to be released on December 28. It looks incredibly heart-wrenching.?http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810159454/trailer

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