RIP Roxy 2001-2012

Stacy Westfall’s incredible beautiful mare, Roxy, passed away tragically on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

If you’ve never seen Stacy and Roxy’s bareback, bridle-less reining performance, at least take a few minutes to view it now.

I saw them perform a few years ago, and I’ve never been as impressed or moved with a partnership in my life — and that includes seeing all types of Olympic stars ride and compete. Stacy and Roxy’s ride?appeared effortless. What communication, respect and love they clearly had for each other!

Roxy, with a foal due next month,?somehow injured herself in her stall overnight. Attempts to save her failed, so the Westfalls had to make that horrible decision many of us have faced ourselves and end Roxy’s pain.

You can read the full obituary here.

Our hearts go out to the Westfalls.

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