Thumbs Up to the New Southern States and Kentucky Equine Research Alliance

Southern States Cooperative, manufacturers of the Legends line of premium horse feeds, has announced a strategic alliance with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), an equine nutrition, research and consulting company based in Lexington, Ky. Initial plans for the Legends product line will be the addition of the KER Micronutrient vitamin and trace mineral premixes.

Here at Horse Journal, we’ve long advocated the power of good nutrition, but we realize that hiring a private nutritionist can be difficult and/or costly. Changes that manufacturers make to help horse owners individualize a horse’s needs is a step in the right direction. Too many of us waste money over-feeding supplements our horses simply do not need to receive, while others are unaware of the benefits they’re missing by not providing a solid diet.

Said Kentucky Equine Research President and Founder Dr. Joe Pagan: “Southern States will utilize KER’s digital technologies to provide technical nutritional support and valuable information to horse owners and managers.“

Beginning August 15, Southern States field staff will have access to KER’s MicroSteed On-Line Ration Evaluation Software Technology, which will allow them to advise equine customers on the exact nutritional requirements for their horses.

“We’re proud of our Legends line of feeds,” said Southern States Vice-president for Feed Operations Jim Moore, “but we never want to stop improving our formulas, so we’re very excited about this new relationship with KER and the value they can add to this very successful brand.”

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