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When we recommend a product, we work to keep tabs on its development, often continuing to use it in our test barns. When we believe there’s significant information to give our readers, we let you know.

• U-Guard, which gave us the highest and most rapid response rate in our nonprescription ulcer-symptoms-remedy trial (October 2000), is now offered in two formulas. The original formula, which contained an aluminum compound, is now available only through vets and comes as a paste. It’s recommended for short-term use in obtaining rapid initial control of symptoms. The aluminum, which we said has the potential for toxicity with long-term use, has been removed from the powder formula. We can now recommend U-Gard Daily powder for maintenance and preventative use. It is available over the counter. Equine America/Equi-Pet 800/838-7524.

• Bio-Pulse electromagnetic therapy blanket (September 1998) and stand-alone leggings and wrap systems now offer a wider variety of pulsing options. The new computerized pulsing unit for the blanket is available with six frequencies. You can also purchase a small (pocket-radio size) “pulse splitter” for use with either the stand-alone leggings and boots or the blanket and leggings combos, which allows you to deliver different frequencies to the body and each of the legs. Acute conditions calling for lower settings can now be treated at the same time as high-frequency treatments are delivered elsewhere on the body. Respond Systems 800/722-1228.

• ThermoFlo, which made the leg wraps we found useful in treating arthritis (May 2000), is now manufacturing lightweight, form-fitting knee and hock boots impregnated with the same heat-trapping ceramic fibers as in the leg wraps. These are similar to the stretchy, Spandex-type wrist, knee and ankle supports used for human joint problems with the added advantage of extra warming to keep stiff areas flexible. They can be used with or without standing wraps underneath. We also found them useful for securing wound dressings or a thin layer of cotton soaked in liniment to knees and hocks. ThermoFlo 800/903-6888.

• Ration Plus, our favorite probiotic, has proven useful in controlling intermittent stress-type diarrhea, such as from competition or shipping, when used at a higher dose of 10 cc/day for three days prior to the anticipated stressful event. We saw good results in three chronic diarrhea cases, exact cause undetermined, using initial high doses of 10 cc twice a day for five days, decreasing to 10 cc once a day for five days then five cc/day maintenance. Ration Plus 800/728-4667.

• Sore No-More liniment, which we found the best truly anti-inflammatory natural-ingredient liniment (December 1999), is now available as soaked towelettes. We found the towelettes convenient for under standing wraps, with or without plastic for a sweat, and under hot, moist towels for treating sore backs. We found you can also stick the towelettes in a plastic sandwich bag for away-from-home emergency treatment of bites, stings, bumps and bruises. Sore No-More is also now available in an iodine-containing formula called The Sauce. This formula combines Sore No-More’s analgesic effects with the astringent and disinfectant properties of iodine in the treatment of foot abscesses or for packing any area of sole perforation. Use alone or mix with sugar to substitute for the iodine in “Sugardyne,” a mixture favored by many farriers to pack into this type of problem. Equilite 800/942-5483.

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