Summer Games Electrolyte Correction

The guaranteed analysis of ingedients for Summer Games Electrolyte (see March 2007) was incorrect. The nutrient amounts published in March were 50% of the actual levels in this product. We have included the correct levels and revised comments on the product below. The statement, ”Relatively weak concentrations compared to other products,” no longer applies to this product. In addition, this former Kentucky Equine Research product is now owned by Kentucky Performance Products.

Summer Games Electrolyte

Kentucky Performance Products


$13.99/5 lbs.

Analysis: Per oz: Sodium 6.68 g, potassium 3.5 g, chloride 10 g, calcium 170 mg, magnesium 160 mg, trace amounts of phosphorus, copper, iron, manganese and zinc.

Comments: A good balance and concentration, although we’d like to see potassium a bit higher.