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I like to think of writing the articles I do for the Horse Journal, and these blogs, as my chance to share my experiences with horses. And right now is a chance to get the Horse Journal at a terrific deal. that’s because we’re offering a special holiday subscription deal: You can get two subscriptions for the cost of one. That means you and a family member or your friend at the barn, or maybe an internet friend who lives across the country, can both enjoy and benefit from a subscription to the Horse Journal, for a total of $36, or just $18 per person. There is one trick, though?you can’t take advantage of this offer on our website. You have to call 800-829-9145 and mention code 71X2F1. don’t ask me why you have to do it this way. I guess the marketing people haven’t figured out how to track this from our website. But don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this great deal! If you need some ammo to convince your friend to go in on this deal with you, let’s talk about some articles I’ve written lately and I’m going to be writing soon. they’re the kind of information you can find nowhere but in the Horse Journal. let’s see, in August, I wrote ?Tendon Boots: One Type Doesn?t Tit All.? For that article I tested a dozen different types of tendon boots, from top-quality cross-country boots to inexpensive general-purpose boots, and discussed their pros and cons. I also advised you to be careful about overusing tendon boots, in the misguided name of protection. For the October issue, I wrote the lead article, which we called ?Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare’? I consider this a very important topic, because all too often people think, ?Well, my mare is lame, I guess I’ll breed her.? Why’ So you can have another lame horse’ And that’s just the beginning. So I described in detail all the things that can go wrong when you try to breed your own horse, based on our experiences. Yes, it often does turn out well, as you blog readers know from my recent posts about our homebred filly, Phoenix Amani. But your mare better be worth breeding. I also write half a dozen or so commentaries a year?a chance to express my opinion on a variety of subjects in a place besides this blog. In February I criticized what I call the ?golf-club mentality? that’s becoming all too prevalent in equestrian competition, a mentality in which horses are treated as golf clubs that eat. In May I warned about the often unseen cost of suburban development to the horse world?the loss of land on which hay and other grains can grow. that’s a huge reason to support your local land trust and, especially, the Equine Land Conservation Resource. And in August I discussed my plan for attacking the problem of unwanted horses. What’s coming up’ Well, in the December issue, I offer you seven tips for evaluating horses for sale, most of which involve your attitude and preparation for the task. In January I’ll write about developing fitness in your horse, and in the future I’m going to be testing air vests. Aren?t these articles worth a subscription at this fantastic price’ I certainly think so. Pick up your phone?operators are standing by!

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