The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book

This book is a classic and should be on every bookshelf.


Some books are classics that should be on every rider’s book shelf. This book is one of them.

Although we’ve long shared the benefits of a using custom saddle fitters, it isn’t always the “perfect” solution or even realistic at times. But that doesn’t mean we can neglect saddle fit any more than we can walk around all day in a pair of paddock boots that aren’t the right size for our foot.

it’s amazing how many readers have told us that they “accidentally” figured out that the reason their horse wasn’t “quite right” was the saddle. The saddle-fit fix brought high heads down where they belong, stopped one-sided stiffness, encouraged impulsion and otherwise made the horse more engaged and, well, just plain happy.

Dr. Harman is thorough, explaining problems and fixes for both the rider’s comfort and for the horse’s. She discusses human and equine conformation differences and their requirements in a saddle. The book includes outstanding illustrations by Susan Harris, clear photos, charts, and sidebars.

Best suited for: Any English rider wondering about saddle fit, riders looking for answers to an unhappy-but-healthy horse, and anyone considering the purchase of a new saddle. Farriers should carry this book with them to help when a rider blames the farrier for the horse not moving the way he used to but the feet are perfectly balanced.

You’ll be disappointed if:

Actually, you won’t.

Bottom Line: Dr. Harman’s book will turn you into a saddle fit junkie in no time. Like George Morris’s classic “Hunter Seat Equitation” for hunter/jumper riders, Dr. Harman?s book is the Bible for saddle fit.

Contributing Farrier Editor Lee Foley

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