The USEF Announces New Safety Rules For Riders

The U.S. Equestrian Federation beefed up its helmet rule at the January 2005 annual convention, making approved safety helmets compulsory for everyone competing over fences, effective Dec. 1, 2005.

This will include juniors and seniors, open and breed-restricted classes (including hunter hack), and anywhere on competition grounds, including warm-up rings. Securely fastened protective headgear must meet/exceed ASTM/SEI standards. Any rider violating the rule will be prohibited from further riding until such headgear in place.

The USEF board of directors also approved a new rule restricting minors who don’t have a valid driver’s license from operating a motorized vehicle on the grounds of a recognized competition, including golf carts, motorcycles, scooters and farm utility vehicles. The rule takes effect April 1, 2005. Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parents, guardians and trainers from the grounds for the remainder of the competition.

The Paso Fino Horse Association also requested that the USEF board approve that safety helmets be required for sub-juniors (under 12 years old) at all times on the grounds of a Paso Fino show.

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