Toy Horse is Town Symbol

Living now just outside a town of 1,600 is vastly different from living just outside a megalopolis of 8+ million, where we were just 6 months ago.? Well, that’s an understatement if there ever was one.? One of the joys of living here in Tryon NC is that it has a cool town symbol, and it’s a horse ? well, a toy horse, but a horse nonetheless.

So, a couple weeks ago, we saw a new friend of ours sitting on the curb in town stripping green leaves from a branch that had red berries on it.? Turned out that she was helping prepare the fresh decorations that were going into the flower baskets along the town?s main street, and the decorating was going to happen that night with the help of the town?s volunteer fire department that was providing both manpower and lifting equipment.

We joined her on the curb and pitched in, and then it was suggested that my husband Henry might be able to take pictures that night for our town newspaper.? So, we showed up at 8 p.m. with the camera, but then of course we became involved in three hours of decorating.? The highlight was arranging the wreath on Morris, including all fresh materials except for the ribbons and gold gauze that would protect his gleaming new coat from scratches.? With lights also wrapped around all the poles lining the street the town looks both festive and elegant day and night.

We now have Morris license plates on the fronts of our cars, and Morris mugs, and shirts with Morris embroidered on the front.? I’m wondering if I can maybe stitch a green wreath around the neck of Morris on my new shirt.? It would be a great accessory for the Messiah singalong or town Christmas parade next year.

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