What a Deal! Scopey, Quiet Rescue Pony

We continually bring you information about?new rescue horses that we find when we skim through the listings under the rescue tab at www.equine.com.? That’s because with all our hearts, we firmly believe that every horse deserves?loving home, with people who value?him or her?as?a unique, special individual.? If you give a horse time, care and patience, he or she will reward you many times over.


T. Roosevelt is 13 hands, 5 years old and virtually bombproof (they rate him at 2 out of 10).? Part of the A Home For Every Horse Program at www.equine.com, this guy is clearly?scopey, and he is used to kids, cars, dogs, sheep, goats and more. He’s worked under saddle for a year, with a bit. Because of his young age, his jumping training hasn’t begun. Barefoot, sound, easy keeper. Just needs a good home to reach his full potential. Located in Florida at Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue. More photos at Equine.com.

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