Where Are the Pockets’

Am I alone in having a pair of breeches I love so much that I’ll mourn them when they finally fall apart’? I know guys will wear stuff like breeches so long that their wives will finally have to throw them out, because the guys won?t.? But, I’ve got a pair of breeches like that. Last week I got a couple of compliments like:? Wow, you have lost weight.? Yep, a few inches are gone, but I think it’s more that we’re finally emerging from fluffy jackets and long fleece for the first time in five months and we all look a little more svelte.? And, these breeches have been so well loved that they’re getting thin at last and starting to actually look baggy.? I bought them off the sale rack of Elizabeth G at Dressage at Devon 15 years ago.? they’re a midweight navy synthetic fabric, warm in winter, cool in simmer, with corduroy full seats.? Absolutely nothing on them has worn out.? Not a single stitch anywhere has given way.? they’re just overall starting to give up.? I figure maybe two more years . . . .’? that’s if I don’t lose any more weight, but I’m still making progress in that department.? However, I have some smaller-size Elizabeth G breeches stashed away somewhere ? something to look forward to. Elizabeth G used to make semi-custom breeches that were priced below off-the-rack European breeches, but she retired several years ago. ???I know I’m not the only one who misses her.? Besides the excellent materials and workmanship, she understood how to fit a woman?s body.? She actually had true high-rise breeches, something? hard to find even before the fashion world ? or the teeny bopper segment of the fashion world ? turned to pants slung below the belly button.? I’ve never understood the attraction of low-rise in general, but I really don’t get it in breeches. Elizabeth had one quirk that bothered me ? her basic model of breeches came without pockets, just that silly coin pocket sewn inside the waistband.? She insisted that pockets would interrupt the sleek look at the front, and you had to pay extra for slash pockets.? I suppose she was right, but gee, there are so many things we need to carry when we ride or work around the barn, not just maybe a soggy check for the trainer squished into that coin pocket.? Where do we put sugar cubes, gloves and, now, cell phone’ ? I bought these breeches way before cell phones.? ?A pair of breeches that fit well AND have real pockets ? heaven. Resolution Report:? Another pound this week.? Not working out so much due to fierce cold.? Still, progress.

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