Media Critique: Where Does My Horse Hurt?

An excellent resource for anyone considering chiropractic work for their horse.

Chiropractic methods are gradually gaining more acceptance as a way to evaluate pain and dysfunction in horses, but for many horse owners they remain more mystery than mainstream, even when the horseman regularly uses a chiro vet.


“Where Does My Horse Hurt'” by Renee Tucker DVM is a colorful, well-organized volume that provides an excellent introduction to how chiropractic works and a detailed explanation of how owners can check over their horses for suspected problems. it’s not intended for do-it-yourself diagnosis or treatment but rather as an educational reference to help the owner decide whether to first call in the vet, farrier, chiropractor, dentist or saddle fitter, getting to the crux of a problem more efficiently. It’s richly illustrated with photos, drawings and charts, and spiral-bound to lie flat for easy reference.

Detailed step-by-step instructions are included for 27 different body checkups. And, we do mean detailed. You need to read the front of the book thoroughly, then practice the various techniques before using them yourself. While the techniques described aren’t so difficult, there are a variety of steps to follow for each one and a lot of different things to consider. You can’t just take this book to the barn and simply figure out why your horse is a little stiff on his left hind leg.

Bottom Line: Excellent starting point for a horse owner to understand chiropractic methods and to help sort out a suspected physical problem.

Best Suited For: Analytic, detail-oriented horse caretakers, particularly those who already have a chiropractor in their repertoire of horse helpers.

You be disappointed if: You want easy answers to lameness problems.

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