Windsong is Looking for a Home

Looking through the “A Home for Every Horse” listings is bittersweet for us. ?On the one hand, we know that several of our featured horses have found homes. On the other hand, we can only choose one horse at a time to bring to everyone’s attention and increase that horse’s chances of finding a family ?(if you want to see more, go to under the Rescue tab). ?There are many, many horses that appear to have incredible potential, if they could just find the right home.

While the photo isn’t great for Windsong, her eye caught my eye. ?She looks kind and intelligent, and she’s rated at a temperament of 2 (with 1 being bombproof). ?She’s a 15-hand Thoroughbred mare. 14 years old. She’s listed at an adoption fee of $650. ?Remember, the adoption fee helps pay for more horses to have the feed and shelter they need. ?Read more about Windsong here.

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