How to Pull a Loose Shoe

Download a handy PDF reference chart from the editors of EQUUS magazine on how to pull a loose shoe.

What You’ll Need

  1. Gloves to protect your hands (optional).
  2. Either a low-slung hoof boot, or materials to make a hoof slipper (see right). These will protect the hoof from chipping.
  3. Clinch cutters; hammer and show pullers.

How To Do It

Step 6. Remove the shoe.

Step 7. Apply the hoof boot, or make a hoof slipper: Center the padding over the sole, bringing the edges up around the hoof wall. Secure it there with the elastic bandage; cover the bandage with strips of duct tape to keep the hoof edges from wearing through.

Step 8. Confine your horse and schedule a farrier visit today.

Excerpted from the book Hands-On Horse Care. To order, call 1-800-952-5813 or visit

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