How to Groom a Horse

A simple step by step guide to grooming a horse.

Grooming your horse regularly will enable to you to keep his coat and hooves in good condition as well as monitor his health.

Difficulty Level:

Time Required:
30 minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Gather your grooming kit, containing hoofpick, curry comb, stiff- and soft-bristled brushes, comb and towel and prepare a safe grooming area.
  2. Put a halter on the horse and secure him in crossties or tether him in your grooming area using a quick release knot.
  3. Pick up each hoof in turn and, using a hoof pick, remove all dirt and debris from the hooves, checking for loose shoes and lost nails.
  4. With curry in one hand and a stiff-bristled brush in the other, begin behind the ears and brush the entire coat to remove dirt.
  5. After every few strokes with the brush, use the curry to remove loose hair and dirt from the brush.
  6. Switch a soft brush, begin behind the ears again and brush with the coat to remove any remaining dust.
  7. Be sure to brush the entire body and use hand while brushing to feel for lumps, bumps and cuts.
  8. Using a small, soft brush, brush the face.
  9. Spray de-tangler spray on mane and tail.
  10. Use brush, comb or fingers to untangle mane and tail.
  11. Use towel to give a final polish to the coat.
  12. Apply hoof conditioner as recommended by your farrier.


  1. When brushing, use the curry to clean dirt and hair from the brush in between strokes.
  2. Get into a routine, covering every inch of the horse, to prevent areas being missed.
  3. For hygeine purposes, each horse should have a separate grooming kit.

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