How To Tie a Quick Release Knot

A step-by-steo guide to tying a quick-release knot.

Whenever a horse is tethered, it is important to use a quick release knot so that if the horse pulls back, or gets caught up, the knot can be quickly undone.

Difficulty Level:


Time Required:

Five minutes


  1. Lead your horse to the ring or strong post that you intend to tether him to, wearing a halter and lead rope.
  2. Take the end of the rope and feed it through the ring, or around the rail.
  3. Hold both sections of the rope in your left hand.
  4. With your right hand, take a section of the tail end of the rope and make a fold in it.
  5. Cross the fold (which in knot language is called the bight) over the two ropes you are holding in your left hand.
  6. Bring the bight up through the middle of the loop you have just formed.
  7. Grab the tip of the bight with your right hand and pull, tightening the knot.
  8. To undo the quick release knot, pull on the loose end and the knot will come undone.
  9. If your horse has a tendancy to undo the knot on his own, pass the end of the rope loosely through the bight.


  1. Horses should be tethered to a ring in the wall, or a strong rail at about the level of the horse’s wither or slightly higher.
  2. Tie the horse so that he can hold his head normally, too loose and he will be able to lower his head and possibly get his leg over the rope.

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