Kentucky Horse Park Attractions

Horses, horses and more horses! Whatever type of equine or equine endeavor you fancy, it’s all here at the Kentucky Horse Park, including attractions to please every member of the family. ?

TheInternational Museum of the Horse is dedicated to educating the general public, as well as the equestrian and academic communities, about the relationship between man and?horse throughout history. The best way to enjoy the museum is to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, of course, but you can also experience some great features online, such as the outstanding videos on The Horse in Sports and Recreation?and Horse Breeds of the World.

American Saddlebred Museum
The Kentucky Horse Park’s “Showplace for Saddlebreds,” this facility offers an inside look at show-ring traditions, current uses and the history of Kentucky’s oldest native horse breed–the “HorseAmerica Made”–through a variety of one-of-a-kind exhibits.

Hall of Champions
The excitement of racing and showing is brought to life by the horses in the Hall of Champions. Legends such as Thoroughbred Cigar, AmericanSaddlebreds CH Gypsy Supreme and Standardbreds Western Dreamer and Staying Together appear in daily presentations, March 15-October 31.

Mare & Foal Show
Nothing brings a smile to the faces of Kentucky Horse Park visitors like the sight of foals nursing, napping or nibbling at tender grass in sunny paddocks on spring and summer days. The Mare and Foal Show takes place daily from Memorial Day through July 31.

Shop Talk With the Farrier
A special 20-minute “Farrier Moments,” which outlines the history of the farrier business, the way the hoof works, how it is trimmed, and more. This presentation is offered twice daily Wednesday through Sunday in the Farrier Shop.

Parade of Breeds
A display of some of the park’s equine breeds is located in the Breeds Barn. Here, the color and excitement of the show ring is captured in the Parade of Breeds twice daily during the summer and in an informative walk-through during the winter months.

Legends of the Park
People and horses live on in the hearts of those who loved and admired them long after they’ve moved on to greener pastures. With respect and fond remembrance the park has welcomed the remains of notable equines who now rest in peace on its beautiful grounds.

?Trolley Tours
The best way to tour the park grounds is in a trolley pulled by some of the many breeds of draft horses that live in the park. After the tour, visit these gentle giants in the Draft Horse Barn.

Horse and Pony Rides
What better way is there to explore a horse park than by riding? Horse and pony rides are available March 15-October 31.

Dotting the central campus of the park are memorial bronze sculptures commissioned by fine artists.

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