Professional Horseman’s Course Resumes This Fall

May 27, 2011–Enrollment applications are now available for the Fall 2011 Semester of the Kentucky Horse Park Professional Horseman?s Course which will run Aug 15-Dec 16, 2011.

The Kentucky Horse Park?s Education Department offers a unique and hands-on educational opportunity unequalled by other equine schools. Students will have the opportunity to study and work with more than 30 breeds of horses present at the Kentucky Horse Park while acquiring the knowledge and skills to launch a productive career in the equine industry. This program challenges students with daily hands-on practical interaction with horses in a variety of different environments, health issues and training levels, as well as broadens their overall level of equine understanding.

Classes and practicum work in stable management, anatomy and physiology, reproduction, marketing and career development all compliment the hands-on side of the program to ensure a well rounded education. Students will also receive an introduction to – and be able to interact with – breeding practices, and disciplines of carriage driving, racing, and other disciplines. Former student Heidi Bruner from Indiana commented, ?My expectations for this course exceeded everything I could ever imagine? and former student Amelia Clyatt from California stated, ?The opportunities that have arisen and the knowledge that I?ve gained has literally changed my life?.

Through a comprehensive curriculum and small class size, which ensures adequate hands-on and individualized learning experiences, students will be prepared to seek entry level work or advance their current position in the industry upon graduation. Eighty-percent of the Spring Semester graduates achieved full time employment in the equine industry within two weeks of completing the course.

To apply please contact Sheila Forbes at 859-509-1441 or for more information or to receive an application by email or mail.

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