Donkey Pants

This just in from Eunice Rush, co-author (with Marry Morrow) of Know You, Know Your Horse (Trafalgar Square Books, 2013). We had a great visit today as interview for a new book I’m working on (Sadly, it has nothing to do with donkey pants.) ?This was just too good not to share. Never let it be said that horsewomen are not highly ingenious and resourceful creatures in the face of a challenge large or small. We not only come through with solutions that work ? but often with a sense of style that makes us giggle all the way to the barn ? and beyond. Kudos ? and a Sportsmanship Award ? go to Barney, Eunice’s snappy-dresser of a watch donkey. Do you have unusual solutions to common problems to share? Post them here or email them to me! If they make us snicker, you, too, could be featured in this space! Barney says “Bring it!”

Forget the whimsical (if mildly humiliating) cross-eyed fly masks. Here’s a late summer fly solution to add undeniable style to your donkey’s otherwise mundane life.

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