Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all!

And special props to the lead mare in all of us ? she’s the keeper of that special instinct we share that helps us: ? Smell danger, even when all appears well ? Detect any sort of dishonesty, even when delivered with sincerity that fools others ? Stop at nothing to get our point across (sometimes just imagining the delivery of a well-timed kick to the ribs as punctuation honors the unflappable guidance our inner lead mare) ? Defend our young with the ferocity of a grizzly bear, no matter how stupid they?ve been (and then turn around and kick their butts ourselves to make sure they got the point) ? Forgive purely and completely ? and then just go back to grazing ? Never hold back on love, affection and commitment to raising our young with everything we know, everything we have and everything we have to give. If you doubt any of this, just find a mare with a young foal, a shady spot a respectful distance away, and pull up a lawn chair. (A cold beverage would be a nice touch.) Watch the interactions between mare and foal. Every flick of an ear, swish of a tail, shift in position means something. At first you may not see it. But keep watching. There is nothing more humbling and inspiring in the world of mothers than watching a mare and foal. It’s the perfect mothering textbook, in my opinion. Tenderness, boundaries, expectations, love, forgiveness, second chances, unflinching devotion ? and an occasional swift kick when necessary.
So here’s to us, Moms of the world. This is our day. Stop and honor the job we do and take a moment to thank our inner lead mare that shows us the way more often than any of us realize. And now, if you will excuse me, I have some grazing to do. I do believe my herd has arrived with sweet feed.


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