Pro Con Conundrum Ever the fan of a thoughtful pro/con list when facing a Big Decision, I got out my trusty spiral notebook and drew a line down the center. “Pro” in this case would be moving to the country to follow my dream of living with my horses just outside my back door. “Con” (and not a bad option at all) is to continue living in the city and boarding my ?horses close by. This was supposed to be a date night activity with my husband, but now he’s no longer speaking to me about this matter (I think I may be driving him crazy ? while the above video is not me, it could be.), so it looks like we’re on our own here. And ?I do need help. Possibly of the psychiatric kind. This is a tough situation to evaluate and a mistake could be Miserable (cap intended). And the truth is,?I’m not miserable at all?right now, so the first “Con” could well be: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” (Are you beginning to see where my husband is coming from?) So let’s do this. Because this is a subject very close to many a horse lovers’ heart, I want to hear what you’d add to my pro/con list if you were unfortunate enough to be sitting here with me in this time of decision angst. Here the skinny on this particular situation: I live in a GREAT house in a wonderful neighborhood with fabulous neighbors in the best (in my opinion), part of Fort Worth, Texas. Living and raising my daughters in a wonderful, solid old home here has been a dream come true. But there is another dream that has been gnawing at me for as long as I remember conscious thought. “A house with a barn,” as my dad used to call this dream as we drove endlessly on Sunday drives looking at horse properties we’d never own. In my adult life I have continued the search, found a few that were pretty good, but nothing worth trading what I have for. Until now. Just when I was least expecting it, coming out of the blue as these kinds of things often do, the dream horse place I’ve carried around in my imagination has plopped itself right into our laps. Well, sort of. You see, there will a Great Upheaval required to get from here to there, and I have no idea whether it’s really a good idea or not. I’ve never lived in the country, so I really have no clue of how the day-to-day of it might look or feel. Is it really the panacea I’ve always imagined it to be? What are the true pros and cons I should be considering here ? unbiased by idealism? Send me your entries as comments and I’ll add them all to my list, and then I’ll post the whole thing to add our collective fodder to any of your decisionmaking conundrums! I look forward to your thoughts and advice . . . and to shedding light that could help steer others through this landmark life decision!