Trough Scum

Ahhhh . . .those Dog Days are here . . . Hot August Nights . . . Hot Time, Summer in the City . . .and all those other ridiculous romanticisms of the Incineration Also Known as August in Texas. In my humble opinion, the only good thing about August in Texas is that relief, albeit gradual, is on its way. ?I’m already starting to dream of fall trail rides, maybe a camping trip or two with the boys, and if I’m lucky ?and hold my wallet just right, maybe a clinic of some sort just to reanimate my wilted enthusiasm. What’s on your fall horizon? In this, my final installment of the pro con conundrum of city versus country living, I leave you with a big green slippery con. This photo was sent to me by my friend, Barbara, who made her own move to the country many years ago and hasn’t looked back since. (You’ll find her full story in The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses, but the long and short of it is she traded in her graphic designer/creative director badge for a ?much more meaningful use of her creative genius as co-founder and marketing goddess of ?R.E.A.C.H. Therapeutic Riding Center near Waco, Texas. Now not only does she live on a ranch, but she fills her workdays using the magic of horses to help children and adults with physical, mental and emotional challenges make improvements that are nothing short of miraculous. Go Barb. So it seems that Barb was just about to clean out this horse trough, but decided to take a picture of it first. And send it to me. One would assume this is because I just found out we won’t be moving to the little place we found?in the country after all. I think she’s trying to cheer me up. There is nothing like that growing in my house. I don’t think. Well, maybe in the back of the refrigerator. Or in the bottom of the produce drawer. But I digress. My question here is what is your most disgusting country living chore? Send me your least favorite thing about country living (and pictures if you’ve got them!) . . . I’m compiling a new list now. Top Ten Grossest Things About Living in the Country (even if you LOVE it and wouldn’t live anywhere else. There has to be something that wrinkles your nose and curls your toes at the very thought of it!). I’m hoping it will help me stave off the pouty days I fear are just around the corner as this unfortunate news really begins to sink in. (It’s funny how your imagination gets so much farther down the road than you realize. I had already named my imaginary donkey.) So far on my list, I’ve got those really huge grasshoppers. (Did you know they bite?) Ticks. (I hear there’s a bumper crop of those bad boys this year.) And of course, trough scum. C’mon everyone, give me your best and your grossest. This is urgent!


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