ACTHA Guinness World Record Ride for The Mustang Postponed

The 2011 ACTHA Ride for the Mustang has been postponed as a result of the EHV-1 outbreak.

May 26, 2011 — Due to the viral outbreak, The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) has elected to postpone the World Record Ride for the benefit of the Mustang Heritage Foundation. The ride was scheduled for June 4th, 2011 and had rides set up at over 60 venues and location, all on the same exact day. Hundreds and heading towards thousands of riders were signing up to break the previous record set by ACTHA for charities in 2010.

“While we are disappointed that we have to postpone we feel it’s the only sensible decision to make. Until the extent and pervasiveness of this virus is fully measurable we choose to opt on the side of safety and continued protective care for our equine friends” This statement was issued by ACTHA’s GM Tom Scrima and followed by a senior member from ACTHA responsible for organizing this event in 2011, Pam Campbell. “While I echo Tom’s sentiments I am really excited how much bigger the event is going to be with the extra organization time allowed me now! We were poised to break the record but it’s a tough record to break! We had over 1,700 entrants last year and all on one day. Imagine the horse trailers on the road that day!

“Our Herculean effort of the recently completed filming of America’s Favorite Trail Horse, a new one our show series airing this fall on national TV, certainly placed enormous pressure on me and all of ACTHA to perform our best for the Mustang and the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Now we will blow the lid off the old record!”

The new date for the event is September 10th, 2011. Where??? “Everywhere, maybe even a surprise international field may appear,” grins Ms. Campbell. “The proceeds check will be issued by ACTHA and ADM Alliance Nutrition ™ Equine at the Extreme Mustang makeover in Dallas the week end after the record falls….good luck to all.”

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