AMVA Launches Online Search Tool


Horse owners searching for a veterinarian can now use the American Veterinary Medical Association’s new search engine, provides horses owners, along with other pet owners, detailed information about veterinary practices from around the country.

Visitors to can type in a zip code if they’re looking for a local veterinarian. Search results contain everything an owner needs to know: The clinic’s name, address, phone number and business hours; the medical services provided; the species of animals served; and the names of the veterinarians on staff. Practices can also list their website address and a map is available to show the clinic’s location.

The site also features specific health and pet-care related topics, such as what clinics might offer dermatologic or behavior services, or where boarding and training is available. A link on the site to the AVMA’s Animal Health page provides access to information related to general animal care, emergency and first aid resources, and many other topics. Access to all of the information on is free.