An Impressive Victory for Victoria Colvin in North American Junior Equitation Championships

Victoria Colvin proved victorious in the North American Junior Equitation Championships with VIP Z.

September 30, 2013–There were three competitive equitation finals held today during the Capital Challenge Equitation Championship Weekend, presented by Victoria Colvin was victorious in the North American Junior Equitation Championships on VIP Z. The win in the Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) National Children’s Medal Finals went to John Porter on Kennebec, while Conor Perrin and Gelato won the blue ribbon in the North American Adult Amateur Equitation Championships. The Capital Challenge Horse Show runs through Sunday, October 6, at Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Victoria Colvin and VIP Z | Photo Copyright Shawn McMillen Photography

All three of today’s finals were held in the Show Place Arena. Starting out, there were 78 entries in the North American Junior Equitation Championships, and the top 20 from the first round returned for the second round. It was a lead from start to finish for Colvin, who was the only rider in the class to score in the 90s in both rounds. She took the first round win with a 92.20, and topped that with a 93 for a total of 185.20 for victory.

Second place went to Megan McPherson on Great Expectations. She scored 91.20 and 84.53 for a total of 175.73 for second place. Alison Cooney and Wittewa were third with a total of 174.21 after scores of 88.29 and 85.92.

Due to Colvin’s large margin of victory, no test was needed. Colvin was relieved that she didn’t have to return for a test, but didn’t know how many points she had won by. “That was nice that it was over after the second round. I like having two rounds and done!” she agreed. “I didn’t really see the points. (The announcer) just said it was enough to not have to test. I think it’s awesome and better than to win by .25 or something!”

Today’s courses were designed by Ken Krome, who took the opportunity to test the young riders with a turning track that featured a bounce with no standards and testing related distances. Colvin noted, “I think they both rode nice. They were turn-y, but they were nice for VIP. The bending lines were something I had to watch. That middle line was the most complicated, the four (strides) to five (strides). And the three-stride on the end (by the in-gate) – if you went too far out, you could do a four, and if you went too far in, you could do two and a half. I thought the bounce was awesome. The courses get boring sometimes because they don’t have anything new. I think the bounce brought something new to the course.”

Colvin had a strong partner in VIP Z, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding by Hemmingway. She described him as having a “very big stride” and while he’s comfortable, he doesn’t have a flat jump. “It’s easy enough, but he has a pop to it,” she said.

Colvin finished second in this class last year and has won the George Morris Excellence in Equitation class at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival, but she said that this victory meant a lot to her. She remarked, “I’d say this is probably my biggest equitation win. It’s indoors and it’s a challenging course. It’s not a little (competition) and it’s an important class to do well in. Doing well in this makes me more confident going into the other finals. Not too confident, but it gives me an extra push.”

For her big win, Colvin was awarded the George H. Morris Equitation Championship Trophy, donated by Frank and Stacia Madden and Beacon Hill Show Stables. VIP Z’s groom, Limberg Cholac, won the North American Equitation Champion Groom’s Award sponsored by Holly Hill Farm. Colvin won the Best Equitation Rider Award sponsored by Karen Healey and Karen Healey Stables. Colvin’s trainer, Scott Stewart, won the Leading Equitation Trainer Award. The EMO Equitation Trip of the Show sponsored by EMO Insurance Services went to Colvin, as well.