The American Quarter Horse Association has approved EQUIOXX (firocoxib), effective January 1, 2008, as an alternative to relieve equine osteoarthritis pain and inflammation.

February 21, 2008 — The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Executive Committee approved the use of EQUIOXX® (firocoxib) effective January 1, 2008, allowing competitors across the country an alternative for relieving equine osteoarthritis pain and inflammation.

“When we saw the test results on EQUIOXX, we began looking at changing our rules immediately,” says Cam Foreman, executive director of shows and regional services at AQHA. “Our rules are such that it took a bit longer to go into effect. We’ve talked to several veterinarians that have used EQUIOXX in non-competing horses and think it will be a great thing for our members.”

The approval allows AQHA competitors to use EQUIOXX at the recommended dose 12 hours prior to competition and up to 14 consecutive days.

EQUIOXX is proven to control the pain and inflammation associated with equine osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses. Also known as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis can develop in horses as young as 2 years old.

Available through veterinarians, EQUIOXX works quickly to provide 24 hours of pain relief, and it is easily administered as an oral paste.

As with any prescription medication, prior to use, your veterinarian should perform a physical examination and review your horse’s medical history. Your veterinarian will advise you to observe for signs of potential drug toxicity. As a class, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be associated with gastrointestinal and renal toxicity. Use with other NSAIDs, corticosteroids or nephrotoxic medication should be avoided. EQUIOXX has not been tested in horses less than 1 year.

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