Authentic and Dudley MacFarlane Win $10,000 WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Championship

Dudley Macfarlane and Authentic captured the $10,000 Adult Amateur Hunter Championships at the Washington International Horse Show.

Dudley MacFarlane and Authentic | Photo ? Shawn McMillen Photography

October 23, 2013–The $10,000 WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Championship concluded day one at the 2013 WIHS with 29 entries showing over the first round course and the top twelve returning. Dudley MacFarlane of Darien, CT, rode her 17-year-old Royal Dutch Warmblood gelding Authentic to the championship with scores of 87 and 85.5 for a 171.5 point total.

Devon Braswell and Showgirl placed second on a two-round total of 171 with scores of 85 and 86. Daryl Whitmoyer and Sweet Potato Pie earned an 84.5 and an 85 to finish third with a score of 169.5.

Dudley MacFarlane has had her winning mount, Authentic, for 13 years since purchasing the horse as a stallion when he was four years old with the help of then-trainer, Jimmy Toon. The pair has shown all over the country in their years together, and Authentic now spends most of his year living in a field and going on trail rides on MacFarlane”s farm in Charlottesville, VA. He showed in order to qualify for the championship this year and completed his years of showing at WIHS with a well-deserved victory.

“He is a really cool horse,” MacFarlane said proudly. “He is 17 years young and he is amazing. He only comes out about four times a year. He does enough to qualify. I take him to Upperville and Middleburg because I love those two horse shows, and we did the $250,000 in Saugerties. He lives on the field at my farm and he just sort of hangs out. He”s the boss. Whatever he says and whatever he wants, he gets.”

MacFarlane and Authentic showed at WIHS in the amateur 3″6″ division multiple times and also showed in the Adult Hunter Championship last year, but MacFarlane explained that Authentic was a little starstruck with the jumbotron in the arena. This year they put a computer screen in his stall to get him ready for the competition.

“We sort of made him sit in front of the computer all week,” she laughed. “We made him watch Harrisburg rounds. We got this big trash can and put the computer on it and made him watch the Second Years! It worked. We were fortunate we had a great stall (here). We”d take him there (to the ring) when they were dragging and let him look. He was fantastic. He”s the best horse ever. I”m so fortunate.”

Final Results: $10,000 Adult Hunter Championship
Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Owner/Round 1/Round 2/Total

1. 773 AUTHENTIC Dudley Macfarlane Dudley Macfarlane 86.000 85.500 171.500
2. 441 SHOWGIRL Devon Braswell Devon Braswell 85.000 86.000 171.000
3. 264 SWEET POTATO PIE Daryl Whitmoyer Daryl Whitmoyer 84.500 85.000 169.500
4. 262 URBAN Chelsea Director Chelsea Director 78.000 84.000 162.000
5. 523 WISH LIST Diane Wade Diane Wade 79.000 78.000 157.000
6. 533 SGT. PEPPER Connie Mcrill Connie Mcrill 75.000 80.000 155.000
7. 326 TYCOON Laurie Barna Laurie Barna 82.000 70.500 152.500
8. 528 UFONIA P Kevin Foster Paulexi Llc 81.000 71.000 152.000
9. 263 ROCOCO Brittani Director Brittani Director 76.000 75.000 151.000
10. 202 IN OUR TIME Nicole Shaw Ben Guanciale 84.000 64.000 148.000
11. 421 CASANOVA Elizabeth Kirby Elizabeth Kirby 80.000 62.000 142.000
12. 740 KIPLING M. Stuart Landin The Barracks 87.000 45.000 132.000

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