Horse Owner Chronicles Barn-Building Process

Shelly Mix chronicles the challenges and rewards of barn construction in her new Barn Raising Blog on

Shelly Mix | Photo by Dave Siegfried

June 5, 2007 — A horse owner whose long-held wish has been to have her horses in her backyard, chronicles her adventures with zoning, construction choices and more in the new Barn Raising Blog on

In this online extra from Everything For Horse & Rider, the shopping magazine for horse people, horse owner and barrel racer Shelly Mix of Grantville, Pa., shares the decision-making process behind creating a realistic and convenient home for her horses.

After dealing with zoning challenges for over two years, Mix and her husband, Kenny, are finally on their way to building the barn of their dreams at an affordable price.

“Watching the construction go from bare ground to a finished building in a day and a half was truly amazing,” says Mix, who also runs an equine referral business. “I got tears in my eyes when, finally, my horse Reggie was in our own barn, in our own yard, trotting around in his run.”

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