A Thank You to My Fans - From Brentina

Dressage Olympian, Debbie McDonald, shares a touching poem, as written by her famous mare Brentina to her fans.

Debbie McDonald gives Brentina a kiss during her retirement ceremony at the World Cup finals in Las Vegas. | © 2009 by Nancy Jaffer

You have been there,
From the beginning until the very last.
What makes me a little sad,
Is to think they’re in the past.

Although those times are over,
They will never be forgotten,
Because I was so lucky
To have heard you all so often.

I will miss so many things,
But none as much as you,
For the memories you have given
Are so heartfelt and so true.

I have travelled the world in style,
With my grooms by my side.
They have always been there for me,
Even through the toughest ride.

There is one so truly special,
Who calms me with his voice.
Ruben , you will always be
My one and only choice!

My owners have made sure
That my health was always first.
How lucky could one be,
To have no hunger and no thirst?

Treats and love all day,
I hope it never goes away.
Green pastures wait for me they say.
I pray I live another day.

I thank you one last time,
For all the amazing claps and cheers.
The one that was most special
Happened in this arena right here.

Thank you again my fans,
Please don’t feel sad,
As you all can see,
I do not have it so bad.

I have started a new chapter in life
I am planning on becoming a wife!
Who knows one day you might see
A baby Brentina, looking just like me!

Love, Brentina

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