Dressage Mare Brentina's Second Foal Born

Debbie McDonald's famous dressage mare Brentina is the mother of a second foal named Brighton, born to a surrogate mare.

Brighton is a big boy | All photos by Button Baker

May 21, 2010 — Brentina’s second foal, a strapping chestnut named Brighton, arrived this month. Sadly, there were problems with the birth which led to surgery and the death of his surrogate mother, but luckily, the baby survived.

Little Brighton gets a bottle shortly after he was born. |

Olympic dressage medalist Debbie McDonald, Brentina’s longtime partner, said of the colt, “He has an adopted 15-hand Mustang new mommy! She does not have milk but he is drinking from a bucket every two hours. She is so good with him, they tell me.”

Unfortunately, Debbie has to take someone else’s word for it because she has not been able to see Brighton or his weeks-older half-brother, Dillinger. She just got home after spending time in Europe with her student and EquiSearch.com blogger, Adrienne Lyle. Adrienne was competing abroad on Wizard as she ramped up for a bid to be on the U.S. team that will compete in the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games this fall.

Dillinger, Brentina’s older foal |

However, judging from the pictures, Debbie reported that Brighton has Brentina’s ears. Brighton is by Leslie Morse’s stallion, Kingston, while Dillinger is by Damsey.

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