EquiSearch.com Launches Bringing Up Baby Blog

A horse owner's tell-all Bringing Up Baby blog shares the demands and rewards of raising her mare's first foal.

Rio soaks up the sun. | Photo by Michelle Smith

June 27, 2007 — Horse owner and enthusiast Michelle M. Smith’s new Bringing Up Baby Blog on EquiSearch.com makes it possible for Internet users to experience her joys and challenges of rearing her mare’s newborn filly, Ladyz Diamond Rio (“Rio”).

“I thought it would be cool to share my adventures with the little one and a way to write on my experiences,” Smith said. “People who read it can see that there is a fair share of ups and downs. I think people will enjoy the pictures too!”

Smith, of Annville, Pa., owned her mare Tees Brazen Lady (“Tia”) for 10 years before deciding to breed her. Her first two blog entries delve into the stallion selection process, Tia’s labor and naming the new foal.

With the help of Smith’s vivid descriptions, insightful details and fun writing style, readers can read about Rio’s developments, Smith’s insight and the bumps she encounters along the way.

Blogging is quickly becoming a popular way for people to communicate with larger audiences, particularly because the innovative format reads like a diary. EquiSearch.com hosts several blogs with topics ranging from horse health news to equestrian travel.

“I think blogs are a great form for people to give their thoughts and share their experiences. I find them really informative,” Smith said. “People can leave comments, and others can read those and say ‘Hey, I’ve run into that problem, too.'”

Readers can leave feedback for Smith by clicking on the “comments” link at the end of each entry.

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