Bromont Three Day Event Celebrates 25 Years of Competition and Support

The Bromont Three Day Event celebrates 25 years of competition in Quebec. The event, supported by many individuals and organizations, will have over 150 horses competing this year.

June 9, 2011 –? The Bromont Three Day Event, The Todd Sandler Challenge, will celebrate its 25th anniversary from June 9 to 12, 2011, in Bromont, Quebec. This year’s competition will feature a truly international field of competitors representing countries such as Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Mexico and Uruguay, all vying for the more than $30,000 in prize money.

Kelli McMullen Temple and Axel Rose on their way to victory in the CCI** division of the 2010 Bromont Three Day Event in Bromont, Quebec | Photo by Cealy Tetley

The Bromont Three Day Event continues to attract competitors from around the globe, thanks to the generous support of its sponsors and legion of volunteers. One of the main sponsors of the 2011 Bromont Three Day Event is long-time contributor, Alan Shinton. Mr. Shinton has generously supported the event for several years, and also acts as a visionary to help the organizing committee develop unique initiatives to attract competitors.

“This is my sixth year supporting Bromont and, since I began, I have had the intention of helping it become the best site for eventing in Canada,” said Shinton, who has actively supported eventing sport in Canada for more than a decade.

A new concept that Shinton is supporting in 2011 is gifting a special Bromont Three Day Event branded quarter sheet to the first 100 competitors to enter this year’s event.

Another idea developed by Shinton is the popular Alan Shinton Team Challenge, which is a friendly team competition offering $10,000 in total prize money. Teams are comprised of riders from across all divisions. Shinton originally came up with the idea as a fund raising initiative for the Canadian and U.S. national teams, but it soon morphed into its current format once the benefits to the sport and to the event became clear.

“The Team Challenge started three years ago, and interest in it has grown year after year,” Shinton explains. “The beauty of the Team Challenge is that teams are comprised of four riders from all levels of competition, which really helps to build camaraderie and mentorship. Not only does this approach spread the benefits down the line, but it also serves to help build interest at the lower levels and inspire riders to want to move up.”

In addition to the support provided by Mr. Shinton, the Bromont Three Day Event also benefits from the support of a number of other loyal sponsors and exhibitors. These generous individuals and organizations include Blueberry Hill, Boutique Station Equestre, Bruno Delgrange Saddles, Dagmar & Udo Sherff, Cablek Industries, Ecogold, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc., Pitney Bowes Canada Inc., Remorques Laurier Brouillette, Sandridge Saddlery, and Volvo Brossard.

One especially meaningful supporter is Alan Sandler whose son, aspiring event rider Todd Sandler, died tragically in a car accident at the age of 18 while returning from the 1999 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. In his son’s memory, Sandler has supported the event by establishing the ?The Todd Sandler Challenge,’ which ensures that Todd’s legacy lives on in the sport that he loved.

The Bromont Three Day Event also thanks Heritage Canada and the Government of Quebec for their support.

Over 150 horses will compete in the CCI***, CCI**, CCI*, CCIYJ* and Open Training divisions at this year’s Bromont Three Day Event. Course designer Derek Di Grazia of the United States, who has been putting his unique stamp on the Bromont Three Day Event cross-country course since 2009, has set another exciting and challenging track in the picturesque Bromont Olympic Horse Park for this year’s event.

Bromont Olympic Park, one of only a handful of active former Olympic venues, continues to evolve as a world-class facility with multi-million dollar investments in its grand stand, administrative facilities, footing and drainage.

For more information about the Bromont Three Day Event please visit the bilingual website, Live scoring will be available throughout the duration of the event.

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