Buckeye® Nutrition Offers EQ8TM Gut Health Feed

Live probiotic species, cooked grains in Buckeye Nutrition's new EQ8 Gut Health feed promote a healthy digestive system in horses.

March 11, 2013 — Buckeye? Nutrition knows the benefits of digestive health for horses, which is why it created EQ8TM Gut Health – a scientifically formulated source of nutrition targeting the health of the digestive system.

With nutrients to optimize digestive balance, EQ8TM Gut Health features live probiotics to enhance the functionality of the hindgut and provide an extra barrier of protection for the intestinal wall. Through the use of BioFuzeTM technology, specific only to Buckeye? Nutrition, live probiotics are evenly distributed in the feed and remain protected to become beneficially active in the horse’s digestive system.

“The BioFuzeTM technology that we use to add probiotics to EQ8TM Gut Health is something that separates us from other companies,” said Amber Moffett, manager of research and development, Mars Horsecare US Inc. “We are the only ones that have the ability to add live probiotics.”
Buckeye? Nutrition’s system of utilizing the BioFuzeTM technology allows for the probiotics to be uniquely applied to the extruded particle. Because probiotics are heat sensitive, the BioFuzeTM technology ensures the viability of beneficial bacteria when it reaches the small intestine.

“We all know how critical digestion is for the performance of a horse, whether athletic or reproductive,” said Moffett. “The beauty of EQ8TM Gut Health is that it has live probiotics as well as high fiber, high fat and digestible starch sources that allow the horse to eat smaller meals. This is the trifecta of a well-balanced diet for horses.”

EQ8TM Gut Health utilizes cooked grains to ensure optimal starch digestion in the foregut. With the risk of excess starch reaching the large intestine minimized, the feed also minimizes any digestive imbalances that could lead to health issues such as loss of appetite, poor performance or recurrent colic. The feed is also scientifically formulated to support proper stall behavior and reduce excitability in the horse, whether in the show ring or out to pasture.

“If a horse doesn’t have a healthy digestive system, then they are not able to utilize the nutrients that we give them,” said Moffett.

Horse owners like EQ8TM Gut Health because it helps their horses to feel better, look better and perform better. Allison Springer, 2012 Olympic Qualifier and Rolex Reserve Champion, feeds EQ8TM Gut Health to her horse, Arthur. As an Irish Sport Horse, a breed of horse known for its challenges in regulating its body weight, Arthur maintains his weight regularly and is able to perform.

“Since I started feeding EQ8TM Gut Health, I have noticed significant improvement in Arthur’s health and overall attitude,” said Springer. “I know his digestive health had so much to do with our great season.”

Buckeye? Nutrition, with more than 100 years of developing equine nutrition products, takes feed safety seriously, implementing many programs mandated in human food manufacturing facilities. For more information about Buckeye? Nutrition, visit www.BuckeyeNutrition.com or call the Buckeye? Nutrition Care Line at (800) 898-9467.

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