USEF Computer List: Authentic, Vale Top 2004 Standings

Jan. 6, 2005 — The year-end report of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Computer List is a comprehensive annual analysis of the show jumping performances of U.S. and foreign riders in dozens of statistical categories. Last year proved to be a banner year for show jumping with a record amount of prize money up for grabs.

In 2004, the total money won worldwide at Grand Prix events (offering $25,000 or more in prize money) was $23,893,646.04. This exceeds the 2003 mark of $20,657,700 by 15.6%.

This year there were 429 classes, with an average of 8.09 events per week, averaging more than $44,000 in prize money per event. In 2003, the USEF Computer List included 412 classes, with an average of 7.63 events per week, and an average of more than $50,000.

“This is very exciting for the sport, and exciting information to read. This report shows how strong show jumping has become in the United States and worldwide and how quickly it’s growing,” said Sally Ike, director of show jumping for the USEF.

Highlights of the 2004 USEF Computer List can be viewed on the USEF website under “2004 USEF Computer List Highlights” in the right navigation.

In terms of total prize money won in both United States and international competition, the leading U.S. horse was Authentic, ridden by Beezie Madden of Cazenovia, N.Y., and owned by John Madden Sales and Elizabeth Busch Burke, with $190,373.85. The leading U.S. rider was Aaron Vale, of Aiken, S.C., with $445,291. The leading foreign horse was Cumano BD, ridden by Jos Lansink of Belgium with $288,956.31, and the leading foreign rider was Ludger Beerbaum of Germany with $479,796.51.

The review also includes five-year cumulative rankings (1999-2004) of U.S. riders and horses that have earned $100,000 or more. Margie Goldstein Engle dominates the rankings and leads the list of riders with $694,905.77, and her mount, Hidden Creeks Perin, owned by Mike Polaski’s Hidden Creek Farm, Inc., leads the list of horses with $415,529.12.

Engle and Perin also lead the rider and horse list of “Clear Rounds” and “Double Clear Rounds.” Engle is also the No. 1 rider in the rankings for “Most Placings” and “Winning Performances.” Hidden Creek’s Perin also tops the lists of “Average First Round Faults” and “Winning Performances.”

Among the various statistical categories included in the 2004 Year End Review are horse and/or rider rankings by classes entered, average money won per event, clear rounds, double clear rounds, weeks at number one, and weeks in the top 10.

The USEF Computer List is released on Friday of each week in which a class takes place. The list ranks riders based on their finishes in Grand Prix events of $25,000 or more (the highest echelon of show jumping). Rankings are weighted according to the quality of the starting field of competitors, and more weight is given to more recent events. This list is a factor for important decisions regarding selection of USEF international teams and certain national shows use it as their qualifying criteria.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2005 the USEF International Ranking List, using only results from FEI competitions, will be used for selection of teams and individuals in international competitions. The USEF National Computer Ranking List, which uses results from national and international competitions, will continue to be published each week a class takes place.

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