Dressage at Devon 2013 Day 2: Under the Sun with Impressive Breed Classes

Unusual breeds take victory at Dressage at Devon.

September 27, 2013–Another gorgeous day at Dressage at Devon as the 2013 breed show?continued.

Friesians Take Their Place

Over the past few years, Friesians have become more popular in the dressage world and, with feathers flying,?made their way into the winner’s circle more than once in the 2013 Dressage at Devon Breed Show. Jupiter ISF?(Maeije 440 x Cleo van het Binnenveld), bred by Iron Spring Farm was Reserve Champion in the Devon Colt/Gelding Championship. He also placed third in the Great American/USDF Colt Final and 2nd in the 2 Year Old
Colt/Gelding class. Nynke Ris, by Brend 413 and Yfke fan Fjildsicht, by Harmen 424, also, Iron Spring?Friesians, held their own with the more popular warmbloods, getting 4th and 5th respectively in the Four Year?old and older Broodmare class.

The Iron Spring Horses didn’t stop there. Izara ISF and Isadora ISF were first and second place winners in?Fillies of 2013 class. They were also Champion and Reserve Champion in both the Devon Foal Championship?and Great American/USDF Foal Final. Izara and Isadora are full sisters, born in the same year through embryo?transfer, by UB40 out of Watch Me, Elite/Sport by Sir Sinclair.

German Riding Pony

Another unusual breed winner was Cinderella, a 14-hand buckskin German Riding Pony (Champion de Luxe x?Golden Rock), ridden by Erin Brook Freedman of EBF Sport Horses based in Oak Hill, VA. It’s an unusual?breed that caught Erin’s attention while she lived in Germany. When a client, a petite amateur, was looking for a?horse, Erin thought it might be a perfect match. She was right. She traveled to Germany, found a horse for her
client and, together with Highland View Farms, brought Cinderella home too, early in 2013. It was a great?choice. Dressage at Devon was only Cinderella’s second show and she went home with a blue in the Suitable to?Become a Dressage Horse – 6 Year Olds.

Show Highlights

Other highlights of the show included:
? Watch Me (Sir Sinclair x Swensie) was the winner of the Produce of Dam and bred by Iron Spring?Farm.
? Diamond Girl (Don Principe x Royal Gem), bred by Maryanna Haymon of Columbus, NC led the Mare?Championships – Great American/USDFBC Q class.
? Don Principe (Donnerhall x SPS Pappagena), bred by Maryanna Haymon, and a name last year’s?attendees will remember, took home the blue in the Get of Sire class.
? Born in the USA (BITUSA) was won by a 3-year old filly, Rosa Parks (Rousseau x EM Ryan), with a?score of 84.0. Rosa Parks is owned and bred by Kristine Pinto.

And then there was Sanibelle (Sir Donnerhall x Lunar Wind), a beautiful, 17.1 hand, grey mare, Grand?Champion of the 2013 Dressage at Devon Breed Division, and winner of The Curtis Paul Cheyney, Jr.,?Memorial Trophy. Sanibelle (GOV) is owned by Susan Craft of Elon, NC.

And while there were plenty more 4-footed winners, young Phoenix Blum, winner of the Junior/Young Handler?was one of the few winners with just 2 feet.?Michael Bragdell, a trainer at Hilltop Farm, Inc (Colora, MD) was pleased with their results as well, taking?home multiple ribbons. A first place ribbon was won by Regalia (RoyalPrince x Corthena) in the Four Year Old?and Older Broodmares. Then there was Cha Ching HTF, winner of the 2-year old Colts and Gelding class on?Tuesday and who Michael is looking forward to starting under saddle next year. Michael was in the ring quite a
bit, handling 25 horses over the three days. “I love Dressage at Devon,” said Michael who has been coming here?for 17 years. “There is no comparison between Dressage at Devon and other shows.


Hanovarians, Haflingers, The Warmblood Horse of Trakehner Origin, Morgan’s Friesians and many other?breeds will be featured on Thursday, along with the beginning of the Performance Division with 4, 5, and 6 year?olds entering the rings for FEI and USEF tests.a>

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