Dressage at Devon 2013 Day 3: Breed Division Ends as Performance Begins

Dressage at Devon breed division wraps up as performance classes begin on Day 3.

September 27, 2013–The Breed Division ended with the Individual Breed Classes, featuring19 breeds of all sizes, colors and shapes with one thing in common – they were all the best of their breeds.

German Oldenburg’s Dance at Dressage at Devon
The Grand Champion and USDF Mare Champion of the 2013 Breed Show was the eye-catching 2008 German Oldenburg mare Sanibelle by Sir Donnerhall I out of Lunar Wind by Lorke-Der Radetzky, bred by Louise Rascoe, owned by Susan Craft. In the Materiale Championship, the dynamic 2008 German Oldenburg mare Verb.Pr.St.

La Belladonna by Hofrat out of Verb.Pr.St. La Donnarina by Donnerhall-Pik Bube, bred and owned by Nancy Holowesko of Crosiadore Farm took the Reserve Grand Championship of all Materiale mares, stallions and geldings. The Breeders Group Class was won by German Oldenburg breeder Mo Swanson of Rolling Stone Farm who presented a lovely group of horses that bested the groups from the other top farms in the country. The German Oldenburg Verband class was one of the largest IBC classes at Devon in 2013 and was won by Totil Hit by Totilas out of Stellar Hit by Sandro Hit-Wolkentanz II, bred and owned by Sherry and Don Smith. Totil Hit was also presented the beautiful bronze Donnerhall Perpetual Trophy for the Highest Scoring German Oldenburg by Verband employee Emily Yeomans.

German Oldenburg horses are the ideal mounts for dressage with their elegant, modern looks, outstanding gaits and kind rideability. The enormous international success of the breed is built upon generations of continual advancement, proven dam-lines and strict breed standards.
Appaloosa Sport Horse

Troubadour is a true winner in more than one way. Not only did he go home with the blue, he came close to not being born at all.
One day, when Maat van Ulitert, of Maat van Ulitert Dressage, was on Facebook, she saw a picture of an appaloosa mare in the slaughter pen at New Holland.? “She was super skinny, looked pregnant and was alone.” Maat’s empathy took the lead and she went directly to New Holland to rescue the mare. And, as it turned out, she was right – a week later Troubadour was born.

Despite the fact that Maat breeds warm bloods, she just fell in love with the appaloosa foal. And they came to Devon. They are now on their way back home to Florida. And they’re leaving with a blue ribbon.

What are her plans for Troubadour? “It’s hard to tell at this age but, dressage is for every horse!”

Legend has it that, while at war in Spain, a soldier was so enamoured of a chestnut mare with a blanket marking that he rode her all the way back to Denmark and the rest, as they say, is history. Whether or not this is true, the Knabstrupper is believed to have originated from the pre-history spotted horses of the region of Europe know know as Spain, the Knabstrupper is one of the oldest breed registries in Europe. Today, eight were featured in the Dixon Oval.

Often mistaken for an appaloosa (and the blood lines do include apaloosas), the striking “leopard” Knabstrupper is white with black spots, though not all Knabstruppers are spotted. They were used in war for centuries until, explains Melyni Worth, PhD, Cedar Creek Stables, Staunton, VA, rifles were invented at which point the markings simple made them too easy a target.

“The Knabstrupper is the ubiquitous farm/work horse of Denmark,” said Worth. “They are easy keepers – tough and sound – with good temperments.” Today there are only about 1,500 Knabstruppers in the world but, if these dedicated breeders have anything to say about it, that number will rise quickly.

Additional Highlights

The Performance Division began tonight with the USEF Fourth Level Test of Choice O Great American Insurance Group/USDF Qualifier, was won by Aragon (DanWB sire), a 17.0 dark bay gelding with a score of 70.286. Aragon was ridden by Sahar Daniel Hirosh and owned by Francis Murphy of Doylestown, PA.

The FEI YH Test for 5 Year Olds was won by Fashion Designer Old, (Faustinus x Hauptstutbuch Forst Design), a 5 year old Oldenburg ridden by Nadine Buberl and owned by Dr. Cesar Parra.

Additional results for all classes can be found at www.dressageatdevon.org.

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