Austria Wins 2005 World Driving Championship Pairs

Austria won the 2005 FEI World Driving Championship Pairs September 11 with a final score of 248.58. The Americans finished seventh with 296.13 points.

Sept. 16, 2005 — After the excitement of being in the bronze medal position after the dressage phase in the three-phased 2005 FEI World Driving Championship Pairs in Wals-Siezenheim, Austria, fate turned the other way for a moment, leaving the U.S. driving team to finish seventh out of 18 teams competing. Combining penalty scores from the dressage, cones and marathon phases, Austria’s home team won with a final score of 248.58 on September 11.

“We put on a really good show,” said Lisa Singer, who in 11th place, was the highest-ranked American individually. “We were really working together. I think we’re really strong and I think we can be even stronger in the future.”

The U.S. drivers went up against 78 competitors from across the world.

“This was my first competition of this caliber,” said Alan Aulson. “It was stupendous, and the level–you’re dealing with the best of the best. It was a tremendous learning experience and a challenge at the same time. Overall, I’m very happy.”

Team Competition Results

1. Austria (Georg Moser, Albert Pointl, Rainer Pointl), Score: 248.58

2. Hungary (Karoly Hodi, Vilmos Lazar, Zsolt Selyben), Score: 257.76

3. Germany (Reinhard Burggraf, Rudolf Huber, Sebastian Warneck), Score: 262.29

4. Poland (Adrian Kostrzewa, Jacek Kozlowski, Przemyslaw Sroka), Score: 280.75

5. The Netherlands (Ben Gosschalk, Riny Rutiens, Mieke van Tergouw), Score: 283.10

6. Switzerland (Beat Auer, Beat Schenk, Daniel W?thrich), Score: 290.82

7. United States (Fritz Grupe, Lisa Singer, Mike McLennan), Score: 296.13

8. Czech Republic (Ladislay Jirgala, Jiri Nesvaciliun, Jaroslav Pavel), Score: 306.20

9. Italy (Francesco Aletti-Montano, Rocco Cordera, Claudio Fumagalli), Score: 312.06

10. Great Britain (John Attenborough, Dick Lane, Fred Pendlebury), Score: 314.33

Individual Competition Results

Competitor, Country, Horses/Ponies, Score

1. Rainer Pointl, Austria, with Favory, From and Galbrino, Score: 129.15

2. Karoly Hodi, Hungary, with Szikla, Felleg and Maestoso Jobbagy, Score: 130.09

3. Vilmos Lzar, Hungary, with Mithos, Prado and Pluto, Score: 131.38

4. Albert Pointl, Austria, with Baron 4, Ambros 13 and Alegro 2, Score: 131.59

5. Sebastian Warneck, Germany, with Rocky S, Condor S and Wum, Score: 133.28

6. Georg Moser, Austria, with La Salle, Lanero and Lombard 9, Score: 134.15

7. Beat Auer, Switzerland, with Famir III, Szelloe and Csillaq IV, Score: 138.85

8. Zsolt Selyben, Hungary, with Favory-Nori, Vezer and Convi, Score: 141.52

9. Riny Rutiens, the Netherlands, with Nike, Quito and Ringo Star, Score: 141.92

10. Sandor Nagy, Hungary, with B?szke, Fabula and Napoly, Score: 142.45

11. Lisa Singer, United States, with Count on Me, LR Ami Bengali and Avolon Avante Garde, Score: 142.74

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